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Unlock the power of your subconscious mind

Professional Natural Linguistic Programming

Safety is critical. You only have one brain - look after it with everything you've got!

You can understand why negative, poorly formed suggestions or the asking your subconscious to perform the impossible can cause serious damage. Ensure that you expose your precious subsconscious mind to safe suggestions.

Don't experiment. Only work with qualified professionals. Period.

What really works

Subliminal messaging is an extremely powerful self-improvement tool, but it cannot perform miracles. They have their limitations. You'll find zero overclaim, fantasical and implausable outcomes.

Behind every programme are tried and tested traditional NLP techniques, based upon sound, evidence driven behavioural science. In this, there is so much scope to maximize their effectiveness by targeting those outcomes which can realistically be achieved through subliminal messaging.

At first glance, subliminal self help reads like Science Fiction. It is not magic - it is merely focussed applications of very natural and every day phenomena. By creating subliminal self-help programming according what subliminal audio is truly appropriate for, Subliminal Today delivers on its promises.

Low compression & high fidelity

Subliminal Today recordings are encoded and mastered without care nor consideration for your internet download speed or space on your iPod or MP3 player.

When you invest care and time, don't waste it on a low or even medium quality recording.

Max it out.

Get the very best.

Subliminal Today recordings are huge for a very good reasons.

Try it out for yourself

Not convinced? That's reasonable.

Download the Best Night Sleep programme free of charge. Test it out for yourself, experience the difference - then do return and choose a programme of your own!

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Money back if you are not completely satisfied

Ethical subliminal programming is not meant to control you, or brainwash you. Nor will it attempt to alter who you truly are. Rather the programmes deliver in the real world, and if you follow the instructions for 60 days and fail to agree - then you just ask for your money back.

Then add another another month onto that. That's a 90 day money back guarantee. There is no risk and all to gain.


Subliminal audio for self improvement

Why Subliminal NLP?

You don't need to concentrate. Just let the powerful subliminal affirmations go to work. You can even listen while you are asleep.
fMRI studies demonstrate subliminal programming at work. Subliminal messaging are merely simple perceptual tricks to bypass your conscious mind.
Once you've unlocked the power of your unconscious mind, your potential is limitless. This is because NLP delivered in this way, produces changes in you at a very deep level.
Given the lasting and deep seated change subliminal programming delivers, you need only compare the investment in one programme with a trip to visit a thereapist or life coach.

Self help audio recordings can never be a replacement for medical advice. If you or those close to you believe you need more significant support, always seek advice from your medical professional.
Sometimes you just don't want to share your ambitions or issues with a stranger but just need a nudge to get you back on the right track.
Try it for yourself. There is a free programme and 90 day money back guarantee.

How it works

Combining NLP and Subliminal audio

1. Your conscious mind
Your conscious mind is logical. It processes all the thoughts you are aware of.
It has a strong sense of who you are and what you are capable of.
It tests current beliefs against past experiences. It helps us keep safe but makes us inflexible to the change we desire.
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2. Bypassing your critical self
Your subconscious processes automatic thoughts and feelings that are hidden from you.
It controls your breathing and heartbeat and governs emotional reactions like temper and joy. It is creative and flexible.
Subliminal Messages are nothing more than simple percentual trickery to reach your mallable unconscious without interception.
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3. Priming
Through brute force repetition, your subconscious accepts new ways of thinking. Suggestions are accepted, altering emotional responses.
Your subconscious trickles these thoughts through for conscious consideration.
Primed thoughts feel normal and direct new behaviour. Habits reinforce the cycle of change.
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  • Subliminal
    Low volume

    Carefully optmised low volume suggestions masked behind a backing track.

  • Supraliminal
    High Frequency

    Recorded at a normal volume at high frequencies.

  • Brain Entrainment

    Binaural Beats encourage a relaxed and an open state of mind.

You can only live the life your subconscious mind is taught to lead

Emperical Evidence

With the latest fMRI technology, the science is irrefutable.

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Lose Weight

No more yo-yo dieting that ignores your underlying habits. Lose weight slowly and contently.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions about subliminal audio and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Positive Thinking

A deeper, generalised programme for uplifting all areas of your life.

Stop Smoking

NLP is reknowned for being the most effective enemy of addiction. If you truly want to quit, this programme is the final big step.


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Embrace Change

Get ready to reignite your life and handle whatever life throws at you.

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Lighting the Tunnel

Everyone gets depressed from time to time, but when it sticks around, you need a little help.

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Fire on the fretboard

The ultimate cure for the dreaded plateau. What do you think happens when you show your subsconscious mind your fretboard?

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Become a Human Lie Detector

Everyone can detect lies, it is natural self preservation instinct. When you turn up that signal, the results are nothing short of remarkable. Suspend your disbelief - this is subliminal programming at its very best.

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When others listen to you

Assertiveness is required in the modern world but for some it doesn't come naturally. Being rolled over by more aggressive personalities isn't anyones lot in life and it need not be yours.

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The Fountain of Youth

Have you ever met someone much older than you who makes you feel young? Notice that intense sparkle in their eyes? They have an untiring and inexplicable lust for life. Would you like some?

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