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What does it feel like to be subliminally primed?

Your subconscious when exposed to subliminal messaging

Subliminal audio works by priming the unconscious mind. Priming harnesses a natural and normal process by which every day stimuli can influence our behaviour by selectively triggering pre-existing drives and motivations within us.

What is subliminal priming?

The process of priming plays out the interaction between our unconscious tendencies and conscious decision making pathways. Each decision we make is informed by both the conscious and unconscious. Priming pulls those drives to the surface. A subliminal mp3 is a package of subliminal messages to coax the desired attitudes and behaviors into your decision set. A decision set is those options from which you select, based upon their expected consequences.

Subliminal messaging and our conscious mind

Subliminal messaging does not really control one's thoughts as science fiction would have you believe. They only work to expand your decision set. The decision making process is still the purview of the conscious mind. Subliminal messages cannot touch your decision making process, no more than a suggestion, affirmation or encouragement from family and friends.

Consequently, if you do not wish to give up smoking, no amount of subliminal audio will force you to quit smoking. You’ll be listening for the rest of your (probably shortened) life puffing away merrily. Hypnosis is no different in this respect. No one, no programme, or technique can force you or control you.
Fortunately, the fact that you will go so far to spend your hard earned money on a recording aimed at that which you want to change or improve upon, is a super indication that the original motivation pre-exists subliminal priming.

Should the motivation to give up smoking exist within you, subliminal audio will bring this to the surface, and within realistic grasp of your conscious decision making process: "Should I buy another packet?" "Can I cut down?" "Do I really need to light up another?" These questions become part of your everyday decision making set.

Subliminal messages are used in this way to make the idea more prominent within your decision set. It is still your conscious mind which ultimately determines your future behaviour. In this way, subliminal self-improvement supports your decision making process. Even to suggest that priming directs your decision is still too strong a description

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So what does subliminal change feel like?

It’s difficult to speak generally about change in general terms, as there is a large range of things which subliminals are good for. Depending on whether you’re looking to change your attitude, the way you feel in specific situations, unlock a hidden ability or change the choices you make, it will be different.

The closest and most realistic description is that of going to a supermarket and deciding what to buy. Without a shopping list, you will be making hundreds of unconscious decisions every minute as you saunter around the store:
  • Your eye may catch a product which you don’t often buy, or haven’t tried before. You feel quite favourably about getting it this time, and consider putting it into your trolley. (Note, you don’t automatically just reach for it like a robot - you still accurately appraise whether it might be good value for you.)
  • You need to decide between two different types of brands. The strengths of the one brand over the other (or the feelings associated with one brand) seem clearer and more apparent. (Note, you will still select the brand of your conscious choice which makes the most sense to you or the one which has the most emotional appeal.)
  • For no particular reason you decide not to treat yourself to the extra chocolate you normally get, because you feel quite strongly that it isn't best for your diet. You don’t get the chocolate whereas you normally would have without blinking an eyelid. You feel good about the decision you made, because it was the right one for you at the time. (Note: You didn't decide against the chocolate only because it was healthier nor did you feel suddenly repulsed at the idea). You may leave the shop without even remembering to pick up the usual chocolate.
Of course, you may be very reticent to admit that you are responding to what was on the television the evening before. However, when you reach the checkout, gaze down into your trolley, (you will have experienced this already) the brands which are currently running an advertising campaign are far more likely to be staring back at you from your trolley. This is what it feels like to realise you were primed.

Why it is difficult to attribute change to subliminal audio?

The interplay between the conscious and unconscious pathways doesn't stop during priming, and so decision making (although still within 100% conscious control) may or may not seem predictable or expected. In rare circumstances, you may have no idea why you feel or act differently. Safe to say it is the subliminal mp3 labouring furiously behind the curtain - the effect of priming is not always plain to see.

We could use the analogy of asking a video camera to record itself.
As you only have one brain, comprised of conscious and unconscious pathways, you don’t have a second unaffected brain in order to accurately judge how well a programme is working for you. Furthermore, scientific evidence suggests that we use the same neurons/circuits to process both unconscious and conscious thought, which confuses matters even further.

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Subliminal Success Factors: Expect to be primed and work with it

Most people will begin to feel the priming before 4-6 weeks of a diligent listening routine is up. It may be shorter, it may be longer...

To experience affective or behavioural change from the priming will depend on:.
  • What you're trying to change - a surface behaviour or one which is more deeply rooted. A programme which is more focused will work much quicker than general programmes.
  • The listener’s resistance to deep and meaningful change, that is, how open they are to the change. This rarely resides within conscious control. The amount of change that is required for you to begin living the goals of the programme. If you are a very shy person, you will need to listen for much longer than someone who is only moderately shy or shy in specific social circumstances.
  • The frequency (after a month of diligent listening) with which you allow the priming to be relevant to your life, will determine whether you will change behaviour. Keeping with the example of shyness, the more social opportunities you give yourself to activate the primed ideas, the more decisions are taken with the primed response as part of the decision set, the quicker change will occur. If you are shy, but never have social activities to let the subliminal priming enter your decisions, you will not experience any change, aside from a short lived and pleasant confidence that given a social activity you might decide to act differently.

Taking decisions based upon the priming, then experiencing its positive outcome consciously, reinforces the behaviour. Each time you do so, you will have the ever increasing likelihood that better habits will crystallise these new desired feelings, attitudes and behaviours as part of your everyday functioning.

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