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What are subliminal messages?
The conscious mind is rational, logical and hypercritical of new information. It guards the malleable subconscious mind. When asleep, the conscious mind needs to relax. Its activity lowers, while your unconscious mind remains active. When your conscious mind lowers its guard ever so slightly, it reveals the complex and very different workings of the deeper subconscious - these are your dreams.

This subconscious mind is flexible, creative and very open to suggestion and change. Getting messages to this part of your mind is the goal of subliminal messaging.

Subliminal messages refer to any messages which are received by your brain but which are hidden from conscious perception. They may be visual or audio, and it is important here to differentiate between the stimuli (the sound wave) and the perception (the interpretation of the sound wave). That is messages are only subliminal to the extent that subliminal stimuli are decoded and perceived by the subconscious (without the conscious mind being able to intercept them).

Subliminal audio is often used a collective term to include so called "supraliminal" messages. In the strictest sense of the word: Subliminal messages slip below your perception threshold. "Supraliminal" messages leap over your perception threshold.
How does subliminal audio differ from hypnosis mp3s?
Hypnosis is similar to subliminal messaging in that it too aims to slip past the conscious mind and engage the unconscious.

Hypnosis works by encouraging deep relaxation and a trance-like state. In this state, the brain produces fewer Beta waves, and more Alpha (and sometimes Theta waves). These waves are associated with a more active subconscious mind. This drowsy trance like state is a normal state the brain slips into many times a day. There is nothing strange or fantastical about trance. In this trance state, the unconscious mind is able to accept suggestions more readily.

Before continuing it is important to point out that so called "stage hypnotism" while more widely known, has very little in common with hypnosis.

Constrary to popular belief hypnotherapy requires active concentration on the patient's part and engagement with the guided imagery and oftentimes communication with the therapist while in trance to be effective. Post hypnotic suggestion is a small facet of hypnotherapy, and is widely considered to be one of the less effective modes of hypnotherapy.

So it is important to distinguish between hypnosis mp3 recordings and hypnotherapy as conducted by a properly trained hypnotherapist. Of course, hypnosis mp3s do not deliver this experience so it is not reasonable to equate the potential effectiveness of a hypnosis mp3s with a individual attentions of a trained hypnotherapist. Rather hypnosis mp3s facilitate guided meditation, metaphor and post hypnotic suggestions. Hypnotherapists often provide such recordings to supplement therapy as they are excellent means of teaching self-hypnosis.

As one would expect hypnosis mp3s demand a huge time commitment. In the absense of a hypnotherapist, the subconscious requires a lot of focus and repetition before it integrates the new learning. It can become very boring to regularly follow the same recording. Listeners can become restless and it is easy to see why this would negate any beneficial influence.

Simiarly, subliminal messaging is not as effectivess as a short series of consultations with a hypnotherapist.

However subliminal messaging has a very clear advantage over hypnosis mp3 recordings. It does not require the brain to be in this state to work.
It only requires:
  • the conscious mind must be unaware of the message
  • the unconscious mind be made aware the message exists
  • the message is repeated enough times to prime behavioural changes

The lister is however unaware of the repetition required.
How long is the subliminal recording?
The average time of each programme is just over 50mins. This means, that a minimum, you should, for two weeks, make enough time in your day to listen for 100mins. Usually this is an hour in the morning and again in the evening.
Remember, you need not be concentrating, so you can be doing anything provided that you are not driving or operating heavy machinery. If you have a desk job and can wear headphones at work, you'll find your concentration radically improves when you are listening to a recording.
I can identify some words used in the affirmations, what must I do?
EQ settings are not a friend of subliminal audio.
In the first instance: disable the EQ. Use a "flat" setting. Do not be alarmed.

Moreover it is intended that you might once in a while, hear the odd word. The purpose of this is to alert your subconscious that there is indeed more to listen for.
The hidden suggestions are recording at the same volume as the backing track so do not be tempted to turn the track up. Adjust the volume until you can hear the backing at a comfortable ambient volume. Do not blast your eardrums! There are no additional benefits at higher volumes.
Is it okay to leave a programme running permanently in thr background?
Yes, thats fine. You will not reap the rewards quicker. Your subconscious mind will still need time during the day and night to process and integrate, before accepting the messages as thoughts. A maximum of 6 hours a day is something to aim at, with a minumum of 2 hours a day to begin with.
Is subliminal self help safe?
Subliminal Today's programming is 100% safe, extremely beneficial and harmless provided you are in a safe environment. That is, you are not driving or operating heavy machinery. The affirmation conforms to wideley researched, professionally accepted and practiced NLP protocols. They are not contain experimental, negative semantics or logic. For example, requiring your unconscious to work with double negatives to convey nuance.
In a sense, subliminal self help is no different from saying nice things about yourself in the mirror. The only real difference is that you're bypassing your critical conscious mind which typically resists change (which is why telling yourself nice things in the mirror doesn't work unless you're consciously willing to believe and accept your own affirmations - in which case, don't waste time in the mirror, get on with your day.)
What is resistance? Can subliminal programming cause a tension or anger within me?
Absolutely not. You would never encounter any anxiety or sense tension from a subliminal programme at an subconscious level from well designed NLP aimed at achievable goals which you desire. Any resistance you may encounter, should you encounter any at all, is by definition conscious, as you consciously consider new choices and is no more than you would ordinarily experience.
Poorly designed Natural Linguistic Programming leads to anxiety and frustration.
Do subliminal video messages really work?
Subliminal video messages have also been found to be effective. In fact, much of the research currently being undertaken involves subliminal imaging. This is because visual experiments are easier to control within a laboratory setting (that is, it is alot easier to create visual subliminal stimuli and verify that the subject was looking at the screen.)
Can you create a programme which could help me with a pain symptoms?
Pain is perception triggered by a chemical response to a trauma – its the body's way of letting your brain know that something is wrong. Removing this pain it not beneficial in the long term as your body can no longer "ask" for proper care. So while pain relief with subliminal messages is entirely possible, it is not a good idea.
Subliminal messaging would mask the true cause of the pain like a painkiller rather than remedy the trauma.

Similarly, masking fears and phobias can make it difficult for therapists to later diagnose the cause and triggers of phobias, depression and other psychological issues.
When would I want to use subliminal messaging?
Our conscious mind is a filter against negative, destructive messages we receive from the world. An example is negative messaging is found in most advertising. Here messages are repeatedly sent to convince us that we'll only be and feel good when we buy the product or service. Advertisers need not be subtle. These messages are so pervasive and repetitive that sometimes these unhelpful attitudes and self beliefs can bury their way further into our pschye.
There are also many circumstances where our attitudes and beliefs become outdated and self limiting. These beliefs can hold us back from living a better life.
Subliminal programmes allow you to take control of your beliefs, thoughts and behaviours which you have chosen for you. Subliminal messaging are a fuel for personal development, motivation and inspiration. They free you from self limiting mindsets.
Please remember, that while our programmes are powerful self help tools, they are not a replacement for medical intervention and psychotherapy. Similarly we will not publish programmes which are intended to treat pain relief, fears and phobias. Masking fears and phobias can make it difficult for therapists to later diagnose the cause and triggers of phobias, depression and other psychological issues.
What happened to the "Drink Coca-Cola" study?
The most oft quoted subliminal study is that of James Vicary, who displayed "Drink Coca-Cola" between frames of a cinema film. The study purported that this lead to a rise in sales. This study gained notoreity and acceptance until Vicary later revealed that he tinkered with the results. This raised doubt as to the validity of subliminal messaging.
Fortunately this raised the awareness of the existance of subliminal messaging. It also spurred much university research which has since demonstrated that subliminal messaging, particularly the kind that is used by Subliminal Today, does show statistically significant differences in outcome (beyond that of the placebo effect).
Is there any scientific evidence proving that subliminal messages work?

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence on the internet claiming to prove and disprove the effectiveness of subliminal messaging and the internet is to be ignored. Rather restrict your search for evidence to academic research papers. Emperical research is designed to control for placebo effects where different groups of individuals are exposed to different subliminal messaging. Even after their effectiveness was consclusively proven, the advent of fMRI technology went further, indirectly representing sublminal priming in action.
For a list of academic research papers, please have a search through the US National Library of Medicine.
You can start here http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed?Db=pubmed&DbFrom=pubmed&Cmd=Link&LinkName=pubmed_pubmed&IdsFromResult=18849024
What is the placebo effect?
The placebo effect is an unknown, extremely strange and misunderstood concept within the human sciences. It refers to any benefit received from a treatment, which can be ascribed to the belief that one is receiving treatment. This is why pharmaceutical companies must administer sugar pills to half the individuals when testing new drugs.
This influence is present in all therapies and medical treatments, subliminal messaging included. This is why it is important to rely on academic research to test the effectiveness of subliminal messaging. Here the use of control groups and the use of different sets of messages are able to pull apart the placebo effect from the real benefit. Even with the strictest emperical rigour, the placebo effect remains unexplained and not easily controlled.
Can I make a subliminal CD from the MP3?
We used to distribute subliminal CDs, but as most our clients listen to the programmes on their MP3 players, there is reduced demand for the cost of the third party service. You are very welcome to burn your own CD. Making your own CD, does not harm the quality or effectiveness of the programme, provided you set your cd burning software to maximum quality (if indeed such settings are available to you).
Furthermore, please note that you have not purchased any resale rights and piracy is prosecuted. Our copyright to all material are monitored by a third party webscraping and takedown service.
Can subliminal messages control my behavior?
No, this is not true. Rather, this is a half-truth popularized by popular psychology and twisted a little by science fiction. It is important to appreciate the very real limits of subliminal messaging in order to get the best out of our self-help programmes. Moreover, much effort and research has been undertaken to maximize the effectiveness of our programmes within the bounds of what is possible with subliminal messaging. This is the reason why Subliminal Today is both successful and reputable.
Subliminal messages are not magical whispers which single handedly lead to change. Sadly, one cannot outsource often difficult journeys of self-development.
Rather, subliminal messaging works by installing a formulated idea into your subconscious, but it cannot manifest this idea without the help of your conscious mind – your conscious effort, awareness and intent. They can prepare you to act and feel differently, but does not cause, force or directly drive the change. Conscious control of yourself and what you do remain soley within your control, as per usual.
In truth, subliminal messaging work by priming the feelings and behaviors you desire. In other words, it makes you more open to the possibility of real change. The messages suggest to you at a very deep level that there is a new way of being, other attitudes and ways of perceiving your environment. In short, it gives you more options to consider and motivates to choose the new and more desirable options.
So, no, subliminal messages can put an idea in your head, but it is you who takes this idea further and puts it into action in the context of your life, challenges and ambititions. It is just a lot easier to get to this point when the deepest recesses of your mind are on your side. The final decision and action is yours. In this sense, subliminal messaging cannot control you or others.
Tony Robbins was a pioneer of use of subliminal messaging for the purposes of self-help, and is often heard speaking about firing up the emotions, "getting pumped up" and doing everything you can to put yourself in a position where the ideas (which are installed by subliminal messaging) can make an impact on your life.
By way of the classic example:
When following a subliminal tape aimed at overcoming shyness, it might seem that you are magically becoming less shy and magically confident. What is actually happening is that the positive affirmations are suggesting to you that it's okay not to be shy or that others may enjoy your company. If you were told this by another, your conscious mind may have been in the past likely to shut down these ideas, accessing your past behavour, testing the assertion – enforcing its self concept and you are very likely to continue to feel shy and so behave in a shy way. Your subconscious mind on the other hand is very open to any ideas and will work to make this a possibility. Subliminal priming will take the emotional sting out of rejection but the desire to come out of your shell is yours - so too, the when and how are at your discretion. The subliminal programme, just like hypnosis cannot take control of you or force you to take on the new behaviour.

Similarly, subliminal messaging can unlock abilities within you that you possess already by acknowledging and validating them. It is still up to you to try to read faster. This is why attacking challenges, becoming personally invested and trying hard to work with the programmes completes the circle and leads to dramatic change.
When is it best to listen to the programmes?
The only thing we know is that you will get the most benefit when you are relaxed and your stress hormones are at their lowest.
This is one of the reasons why subliminal tapes have been traditionally listened to whilst asleep. Further than this however, both my colleagues and I are unaware of any scientific evidence to support that the time of day you listen influences effectivess. There is some anecdotal reasoning to believe that listening everyday, first thing in the morning and last thing before you sleep delivers the quickest result.
If you have an desk job, listening to the track during the day will really help you concentrate (Do not listen to the programmes while driving or operating heavy machinery). You can be doing the housework or reading a book. Your subconscious mind will always redirect unused cognitive capacity to absorb subliminal influences provided it knows they are there to listen to. My advice is to find times that feel right for you.
How should I listen to the recording?
They are most effective with standard stereo earphones or headphones as binaural beats assist the mind to relax and concentrate. Other than this there is no best way other than in a way which feels right to you.
Do not use the programmes while driving or operating heavy machinery. Other than this, you are free to use the recordings whenever suits you. The more relaxed you are, the better. You may wish to alternate for a few days to find the most comfortable ways which you sense are the most beneficial.
Is it okay to play the recordings publically for others?
No. Regardless of your good intention, playing the recording in the background for your friends, even if you believe you are doing them a service or you gain their agreement beforehand is considered highly unethical and manipulative.
How many subliminal mp3s can I listen to at once?
If in doubt, listen to one programme at time. You want to give your subconscious mind a specific set of learnings to deal with. That said, some programmes work extremely well in concert over a longer timeframe, asking the subconscious to focus on the "combined", larger concept. For example: Lightning Cognition and Accessing your Photographic memory work very well together. The individual effect is however less marked than if two programmes are listened to sequentially - even if you were to double up the number of times you listen to the recordings.
Listening to programmes which don't compliment each other dilutes the effectiveness of the individual programmes.

When purchasing two programmes which do not compliment each other well, complete the first. Allow atleast a fortnight's break between programmes to monitor yourself and in order to give your mind an opportunity to absorb and integrate the new learning.
What is the best volume for playback?
You should be able to hear the backing track. Avoid turning up the volume higher than this. A normal and comfortable listening volume is required. There are no additional benefits from listening at a high volume. You will damage your hearing if you repeatedly listen to the same sounds at loud volumes. Resist the urge to turn up the audio.
Why can I not hear the messages? There is no voice there? I've been scammed!
Your programme is not a hypnosis mp3 recording. Rather suggestions are recorded at frequencies beyond the range of conscious hearing. This is so the messages can bypass your usual conscious mind. Your ear still receives the information and your subconscious brain can easily interpret and piece together the messages. Should the messages be audible, your conscious mind will refute the new believes and ideas, reality testing them against your current self belief and past experiences.
A few individuals with attenuated hearing may consciously hear a faint buzzing sound beneath the track. This intermittant buzz is the very lowest range of the supraliminal suggestions, hinting to your unconscious mind, that it could listen closer. Adjust you EQ settings should you wish.
Will I hear anything on the tracks?
You will hear the sounds of ocean, rainfall or music according the programme version. The sounds are repetitive, soothing noises. These backings do not contain any information and are only used to conceal the messages from your conscious mind. They are also helpful to set the recording as a comfortable volume. You should be able to hear the backing track.

In addition to this, the track contains a harmless and imperceivable 3 second burst of music which contains is a randomly allocated and meaningless string of numbers for the purpose of protecting your purchase against digital piracy.
What are the language requirements?
As the suggestions are in English, you will need a good comprehension of the English language in order to benefit from the tracks. Though English need not be your first language, it must be a language in which you "can think in without effort". Certainly, do not purchase if your web browser is currently translating this page for you. You must atleast, from time to time, "think in English".
What kind of suggestions are used in your programmes?
The message needs to be carefully selected and arranged to suit. This is because, the subconscious mind has a language all of its own, and will not be able to re-assemble nuanced idea in this way. The nuanced thoughts, beliefs and attitudes you wish to achieve must be broken down into smaller and simple concepts which your subconscious can easily digest and re-assemble.
You will note that in each programme a sample list of suggestions shows that our messages are short and simple NLP affirmations. These affirmations work in concert to change your beliefs and thoughts. The approach conforms strictly to widely researched and accepted and professionally practiced Neuro-linguistic Programming protocols. Moreover, they are not experiemental or ask your subconscious to achieve the unachievable.
How are the suggestions made into subliminal messages?
There are two forms of subliminal messaging embedded in our programmes:
NLP affirmations are recorded just below the sound of the backing track. You cannot hear these affirmations. (Sometimes your sound equipment may allow you to detect the presence of your message. You can remedy this, if you want, by removing any equaliser (EQ) or bass boost.)
These suggestions can sound like whispers, or atleast give you the sense someone might be whispering to you. On occasion be able to make out a word or two. This is intended and invites your subconscious mind to follow, while disguising the remaining portion of the message beneath the backing track.
Although the messages are not clear enough for you to consciously perceive them, rest assured they are just clear enough that your subconscious brain can. Your subconscious brain really enjoys piecing information together. (This is not unlike when you get a song stuck in your head. This happens when you focus on one part of the song and not another. Your brain will work very hard to piece together the next bit of the lyric or melody.)
The second set of suggestions is found outside the range of hearing you are normally accustomed to interpreting as sound. These frequencies are normal sound waves and do vibrate the inner ear. This is perceived as a normal stimulus by the brain and is interpreted semantically by your subconscious mind.
What do the messages say?
Sample messages are provided in the programme's description. They are short and simple NLP affirmations aimed at the objectives you wish to set your subconscious mind. They work together to produce your desired changes.
Can you pull subliminal messages out of recordings?
Yes, at the most basic level, extreme EQ settings can expose some information. It is possible to reverse engineer a programme to reveal all the messages clearly. If you have advanced knowledge of audio recording and compression, you are welcome to do so if you are interested, but only do so upon completing the programme.
What are binaural beats?
Binaural beats is a form of brain entrainment and refers to the use of specific frequencies which alter the state of the brain. This is achieved by playing different frequencies into the left and right ear. This is usually a relatively low frequency and is found in the background. Its purpose is to encourage the brain to favour a relaxed-alert state.
Listening to the recordings with stereo headphones allows you to make use of this, but it is not required to benefit from the affirmations. There is very little evidence to suggest these frequencies do any more than encourage relaxation. However, a relaxed mind is more open to suggestion and excess brain capacity is shifted to focus on subliminal stimuli. There is little evidence to suggest that binaural beats directly open the mind up to integrate affirmations, but this is likely.
The inclusion of brain entrainment mean that you cannot drive or operate machinery when listening our programmes.
Why do you record supraliminal messages just within normal hearing range?
There is evidence to suggest that the brain must be alerted to the presence of the messages, before the unconscious mind will devote capacity to listening out for new information. For this reason supraliminal suggestions are not silent.
Your brain, when relaxed does devote processing capacity to the unconscious pathways, but there is no evidence to suggest that the mind is actively seeking out subliminal messages. Both the subliminal (normal frequency, low volume suggestions) and supraliminal (high frequency, normal volume suggestions) are placed just within conscious perception, and works much like a bait. In short, for maximum responsiveness, the subliminal perception faculties must be alerted to the messages before they can engage with them and piece the suggestions together without conscious involvement. It must therefore be made as easy as possible for the unconscious, with repetition, to expect the suggestion and follow along.
How long will it take until the programme works?

A small minority of individuals will experience immediate change within a few days. The majority of people notice a subtle difference after a fortnight, but no more. New emotional responses and subsequently behaviours may take at least a month to emerge. This is dependent on the frequency of listening throughout the month, how significant the change is for you personally, and how often you get opportunities to act on the priming.
This is not a reflection of the quality of the recordings (on the contrary) but it a realistic estimate without overclaim.
It is important to remember that this change first occurs at a subconscious level. By its very definition, the subconscious is hidden. You will therefore be unaware of shifts within you and so it is important to be patient, allowing your mind to intergate the affirmations. As the days as weeks progress, you may have a sense that something is changing, but be unable ot express it well. This is even more so where the programme is busy tackling more deep seated ideas and believes.
Fortunately, many of the programmes have overt social behavioural implications – so don't be surprised when someone notices the positive changes in you. It is highly likely someone will notice a shift before you do.
After about a month of routine listening, try to make opportunities in which you are able to display or apply your new learnings. Without this, the programmes will find little expression in your life. This is a very strong determinant of your success. Any rewards you receives based upon decisions you consciously take at this time, reinforces your new learnings and allows change to become ingrained and permanent.
Remember too that you only have one brain. It is that brain which is being manipulated. There is not other brain at your immediate disposal that is not being primed. In other words, imagine you are a camera. There is no other camera monitoring what pictures you taking. Asking yourself to be fully aware of the changes is very much like asking a camera to take a picture of itself. This may seem a strange concept to grasp. What is actually happening is that during the latter stages of priming, subliminal messages trigger unconscious thoughts which filter through to your conscious mind. fMRI studies observe primed thoughts behaving (neurologically speaking) exactly like your own thoughts. You cannot tell your own thoughts apart from those which have been primed through subliminal influence. They feel natural - and in this sense, are already your own. It is difficult then to attribute your new behaviours to the subliminal audio.

There are however simple ways of monitoring your progress. Talking about your progress with a close friend or family member is one good idea.
If you are looking for solid and more personal assurance that your programme is effective for you, another approach is to keep a detailed hand written journal. Recording the parts of your day, and the feelings and all behaviours which could be associated with the programme you are currently listening to. Do this in a structured and consistent way. Devise some rating scales for yourself. Write a short paraphraph, allowing your thoughts to flow - write what comes to mind. Important: Write on separate pages and do not be tempted to look back at previous entries until at least 6 weeks of routine listening has passed. Then go back and read your old, outdated thoughts.