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Reframing Assertiveness

Stand up for your happiness

Don't stand up for your happiness and the happiness of everyone around you so that others ‘walk all over you?

Do you have anxiety making your own decisions?

Do you feel disregarded or that your opinions are ignored?

Is it stressful for you to make your views known?

If any of these are true, particularly in Western society, you may already know how your lack of assertiveness is hampering your happiness and preventing you from leading a full life in your personal relationships and career.

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Low assertiveness is often routed in beliefs you hold about other people. You may believe that expressing yourself is impolite. You may fail at expressing yourself clearly. You can be overly afraid of displeasing or offending others. If so, you avoid meaningful debate and flee arguments even though you know it would be best to resolve conflict maturely. You may allow others to take advantage of your passive personality or walk away from situations wishing you had the courage to stand up for yourself or a loved one. ‘Going along to get along’ isn’t always the best course of action.

When your passivity impedes on your happiness and prevents you from managing conflict, then this is being unfair to yourself and others. Low assertiveness is associated with feelings of hopelessness, despair and feeling trapped by others.

This programme contains affirmations which alter the attitudes you may have towards others and those that lie at the heart of constructive conflict and a healthy level of assertiveness.

Sample Suggestions

  • I share my opinions politely
  • People respect my opinions
  • People pay attention when I speak
  • I enjoy healthy debate
  • I respect myself
  • I am an assertive individual
  • I act assertively when I need to