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Boosting Your Career

Take back control

Is your career stagnating?

Stuck in the same role for a while?

Time to get a move on?

When you are doing the same thing every day, you lose sight of your career. Hope and motivation alone gets you only so far.

To climb your career ladder, you've got to be better than the rest. You've got to plan ahead, spot opportunities and seize them. Organisations reward innovation, natural leaders and strategic thinking - not hard work.

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Organisations no longer provide career management. It is no longer your employer's role to look after your career. Neither is it in your company's interest for you to want more than you have now or to progress rapidly.

Now observe those who grow their careers. They have a deep belief that they are worthy, that they can take on new challenges and are always in control. They value themselves, and are committed to success. Those around them believe in them.

It is not luck.

They know that the onus on you to move your own career forward. They plan their career just as hard as they work, rise to new challenges and have the attitude which delivers results. Moreover, they exude confidence and control

. Now it's time for you to acquire the winning mind-set.

It's time to take control of your career. You do this by thinking and acting in a way which mirrors those of successful leaders.

Allow this new confidence to radiate from you.

If not you, who then?

You may not want to get to the very top of the ladder but enjoying what you are doing and moving in a positive direction reaps all kinds of rewards. This programme builds leadership mentality, a strong self-efficacy to boost you out of you current rut and position you to make the very most of your future career opportunities.

Your competition will be left wondering how you did it.

Sample Suggestions

  • I can achieve whatever I put my mind to
  • I always achieve my goals
  • I am a winner
  • I am a success in what I do
  • I create success
  • I inspire success in others
  • I am confident I will reach the top
  • I will reach the top
  • My career is on the up