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Embracing Change

Embrace a new life

Do you struggle to adapt?

Does impending change leave you anxious?

Would it be easier to roll with the punches and embrace a better future?

Change is the most normal and inevitable part of life but we often tend to work toward maintaining the status quo.
Its easier to choose the known over the unknown. We want to protect our circumstances, possessions and achievements - even if we know that change will be wonderful and bring so much more.

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We learn to prefer environments, people and situations in which we are comfortable and have learnt to cope or have had positive experiences with.
Being open to change does not preclude us from preferring a relaxed and stable lifestyle but it is important that throughout our lives we are consciously aware of when resistance becomes unhelpful. When this impulse becomes too strong it inhibits us from learning new things, embracing opportunities and meeting necessary or worthwhile challenges. We fail to grow. 
We often only realise this when the choice falls outside our control and this can result in much anxiety. 
Resisting change implies attachment to things which cannot last and fear the unknown. It causes us to suffer when our life circumstances change. It is common for this obstructive anxiety to be present even though the change has not yet occurred. We can even be unwilling to accept changes which have already occurred.
Accepting change is one of the most important parts of a healthy psyche, and being unwilling or unable to adapt appropriately to our world is a common precursor to psychopathology. 

This includes changes we need to bring about in ourselves, either to avoid unnecessary suffering or to live more rewarding and fulfilling lives. This might mean saying goodbye to a good friend or “trimming our belts” when we fall on harder economic times. We might be moving to a new home, or starting a new job or family. 
When we embrace change we are not immobilised by the status quo and no longer feel anxious of impending change. We are able to accept change easily, make the most of new circumstances and opportunities. We encourage our optimism and have positive expectations of the future. 
We also do not label any change as “bad.” Often what can at first appear to be “bad” directly or indirectly results in “good” things. Truly embracing change means removing meaningless labels. Rather, we recognise new opportunities and rise to the challenge. 
When we are open to change, we are more relaxed and truly happy. We do not cling to the past, we enjoy, grow, learn and adapt equally well to life’s little changes and the times when we need to step boldly into the next exciting phase of our lives.

Sample Suggestions

  • I like new things
  • I embrace change
  • I look for new opportunities
  • I have positive expectations
  • I am positive about changes in my life
  • As one door closes, another opens
  • I am relaxed and easy about changes in my life
  • I think change is always good for me
  • I am looking forward to a brighter future