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Captivating Charisma

Change your world

How would it feel to walk into a room and make everyone in the room feel great?

And no matter the room, you know you are the most electric and attractive person there.

To know that wherever you went, people were almost magically attracted to you.

When a charismatic individual fights for an idea, they change the world without effort.

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Such figures in history were Martin Luther King Jr and Gandhi. People will often say that when leaders such as Bill Clinton, John F Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Mother Theresa or Nelson Mandela enter a room, they change the energy of the room.  

There is something electrical or magnetic about their presence which is “magical and enthralling”. 

Throughout history and within your everyday life there are countless examples of individuals who may be said to possess this seemingly magical quality.  

The charismatic personality delivers ideas clearly, exudes charm, motivates, inspires and reveals authentic empathy.

So elusive and hard to define you could think of charisma as a learned skill, social styling or a personality trait. You may know someone in your life right now that has these qualities.

Those people who are associated with any of these irresistible qualities are afforded a special place in society. Their words capture the imagination, they invite us to pay attention and everyone gravitates toward them. Their self-belief is authentic. It comes from deep within and it can never be faked.

Sample Suggestions

  • I am a charismatic individual
  • I light up a room
  • People are attracted to my charisma
  • I am charming
  • People want to be around me
  • I change the energy in a room positively
  • I am comfortable having magical charisma
  • Charisma flows from me
  • I am captivating
  • I have magnetic qualities