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Lightning Cognition

Elementary my dear

Do you wish you could problem solve?

Improve your logical thinking?

Would you like to think quickly - act on your feet?

See answers instantly, easily and clearly?

Lightning cognition is an umbrella programme containing generic affirmations priming logical deduction, problem solving and memory skills.

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If your mind is not stimulated and rehearsed in a wide variety of cognitive endeavours  particularly if your occupation draws upon a limited or narrow set of cognitive areas of your brain, you may feel like you're cognitive talents are leaving you as a result of age. This is not true but it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. For example, if you need to memorise many items, your memory will develop and remain acute. If you have little need to memorise, the opposite occurs. This is true of functions like reasoning, problem solving and learning.

As we age, our thinking processes become more specialised. This is not to say the ability is lost or removed, but it gradually becomes less easy and does not flow as it once did. Young and old alike, who have recently left secondary or tertiary education, will experience the same. This experience is noticeable following many years of the intensive rehearsal of a wide variety of cognitive skills. Keeping the mind nimble and actively engaged is something worth striving for, especially for mental health reasons. Touchscreen brain trainers, Sudoku style puzzles and traditional ‘Hangman-esque’ mathematics and spelling games are very popular.

However, the evidence as to their universal effectiveness is less convincing than one would expect, if not rather disappointing.  It is thought that brain trainers teach skills which are too specific to make comprehensive impact (although there is little evidence to support this reasoning). Not surprisingly, the evidence supporting subliminal learning is more encouraging. Subliminal messaging cannot however make you smarter than your potential. It can only seem to raise your IQ, by making the most of the abilities you already have.

The generic affirmations contained within this programme work in two ways:

  • Your subconscious mind is used to reconnect you to your latent cognitive abilities.
  • Your subconscious mind is inspired to actively engage in cognitive exercise, installing a confidence to approach complexity and to seek out opportunities to enhance thinking skills at every level.

Sample Suggestions

  • I think quickly
  • My thinking skills are acute
  • I mind is nimble
  • I handle complex problems easily
  • I have lighting quick thinking
  • I solve problems effortlessly
  • I can think like Sherlock Holmes
  • I am intelligent
  • My intelligence is limitless
  • My mind is clear at all times

Note: While just as effective, this programme is not a focused programme; the results take many months to be fully appreciated, as the subconscious mind is not being asked to fix on a single construct. While effective as a standalone programme, you may wish to consider using this programme in conjunction with another programme. You may wish to have a sense that you are progressing. Programmes such as Developing Photographic Memory are appropriate.