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Invincible Concentration

Focus and flow is never far away

Are you easily distracted?

Do you battle to stay focused on study or work?

Modern distractions may be robbing you of your natural ability to concentrate >It has been shown that with instant messages, mobile phone calls and e-mails relentlessly disrupting your efforts to concentrate, your innate concentration span is artificially reduced.

That is, you are becoming less practised at focusing for long periods of time.

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Psychologists find that a normal concentration span is approximately 40 minutes though many individuals fail to come close to this time. As a result they under perform in their studies and occupation. This forms the misconception that they are less intelligent, which gradually lowers self-confidence in cerebral activities.

The brain entrainment layer of our programme will provide immediate results, and provide excellent practice to improve your concentration span.

This layer can be described as the low buzzing hum. The programme plays different frequencies into each ear. This disparity encourages alpha brain waves. These particular waves are associated with a concentrated and focused state of mind. So for the full benefit, you’ll need to use earphones. This means that from your very first listen you’ll start tapping into what performance consultants call “flow”. 

Time will slip by as you launch into the task at hand.

Behind the scenes, subliminal suggestions work to create long term improvement

Invincible Concentration is perfectly devised for students who need to focus and those who want to preserve their concentration span guarding it against the long term effects of a busy lifestyle.

Sample Suggestions

  • I can concentrate for long periods of time
  • I am good at concentrating
  • My concentrating spam improved everyday
  • I always concentrate on what I am doing
  • Concentration is key to success
  • My concentration span gets longer and longer
  • I concentrate easily