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Unstoppable Self-Confidence

The secret sauce of success

Do you feel like a failure?

Caught in a downward spiral?

Do you feel inferior to others in social or work situations?

Confidence is learnt. It is not so much a permanent personality trait, but as a skill to acquire and grow. You may feel confident about your abilities at home, but shy away from challenges in a work situation.

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This is often due to past setbacks or disappointments, the most influential hark back to childhood experiences.  In other words,  you learn from your experiences how to be successful in a particular facet of your life. You feel confidence when you feel supported and capable.It is important to distinguish low self-confidence from low self-esteem. Self-esteem pertains to our inner relationship with ourselves and how we value ourselves. Being confident does not imply introversion or extroversion personality traits.

Your self-confidence rises when you achieve valuable goals, and falls when you run into failures which you attribute to yourself. Your confidence is a strong determinant of success in many situations, however as you negotiate life, you ride an upward or downward spiral, and you can be caught in a downward spiral of self-confidence. As your confidence can be seen to all in the room through you behaviour, it can make a huge difference in how you are perceived, and the opportunities you will find in life.  So it is important to cut the cycle of low confidence to regain your momentum. This can be done by goal setting objectives, and changing how you feel in situations when your confidence is tested.

This makes NLP, hypnosis and subliminal messaging really suitable aids to recovering from low self-confidence. Following this programme will begin to fill you with a feeling that you can accomplish that which you put your mind to. It is a critical life skill that supports positive behaviour, opens up the road to opportunity and attainment.

Sample Suggestions

  • I am a confident person
  • I become more confident every day
  • People listen when I speak
  • I exude confidence
  • People are attracted to myself self belief
  • My confidence inspires others
  • I am confident about who I am
  • My confidence grows every day
  • I am confident in every situation
  • I believe in myself