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Tapping Into Your Creativity

The future belongs to whole brain thinkers

Do you aspire to become a great artist, designer or performer?

Do you envy those in creative professions but just don't think you have what it takes?

Traditional academics focus on developing left brain cognition. It is only recently that schools are beginning to encourage and reward right brain pursuits. This coincides with a shift away from favouring left brain occupations.

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Left brain occupations are more likely to be procedural and can be outsourced. Unfortunately the great majority of the population are well practised left brain thinkers. This is because schools throughout the world are more comfortable and rehearsed at focusing on left brain activities. For this reason it is quickly becoming the right brain thinking skills which have grown in value exponentially.

Consequently, occupations which employ so called whole brain thinkers and lateral problem solvers are of most value in the labour market. Good examples of this are management consulting, architecture, law and advertising.

Curricula around the world are slowly adapting to this paradigm, but for most, right brain thinking does not come as easily.

What is right brain thinking?

Right brain thinking is the back garden of artists, designers, writers and performers. They exercise this hemisphere of the brain which is more specialised in lateral thinking, imagination and big picture thinking.

Wherever across the spectrum your current or future profession resides, unlocking your inner creativity can only help you find your expression, supercharge your career and propel you to live richer and deeper experiences. The future belongs to whole brained thinkers, and they'll be pulled there through creativity and innovation.

Sample Suggestions

  • I am a creative individual
  • I am naturally creative
  • I tap into my deep creativity
  • Good ideas come easily to me
  • I experience the creative flow.
  • I have a powerful imagination
  • I can think laterally
  • I can think outside the box
  • I enjoy finding creative solutions
  • I always have intelligent ideas