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Lighting The Tunnel

The darkest hour is just before dawn

Depression Recovery Support

If you suffer from depression, the world can seem like a very dark place. Depression can destroy your self or self-identity and self-belief.

When recovering from depression, your world around you can feel a terrible and overwhelming place.

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Low mood, feeling hopeless and tired, poor concentration, sleep and diet... depression is an all-consuming monster which left alone will ruin your life and those around you.

Make a few changes today. Get good a night's sleep, change your diet, reduce alcohol and get going with a regular exercise regime. Get in touch with your GP or registered medical health professional and start your road to recovery. It's difficult to do everything at once, but make a start. You don't have to do everything immediately - but small and gradual steps will pay off. With each little change you will feel the energy and motivation to do more flowing back.

Even if you can't imagine there being light at the end of the dark tunnel, you may feel that it is time has come to start looking for it.

It's widely known that self-help techniques can be very effective, if not crucial to get your life back on track.

Subliminal Today has created this unique track for those who wish to use subliminal programming to give them the boost they need to feel strong again. Lighting the Tunnel contains positive suggestions of renewed self-esteem and self-confidence only.

Rather than attempting to address the underlying causes of your depression remotely, this programme lends you the boost to support you on your journey towards true and long lasting recovery.

Sample Suggestions

  • I express my emotions in healthy ways
  • I am aware of my emotions
  • I am aware of my thoughts
  • I am in control of how I think
  • I have a happy future
  • I can cope well
  • I have renewed inner strength
  • I am worthwhile
  • I am a valuable individual

Please accept that this programme, while extremely effective, is not a treatment or cure for depression and is not an alternative to professional care. Lighting the Tunnel is not designed to cure but to be a powerful follow up to professional treatment to maintain the momentum of your recovery.

Feeling down is a normal part of life. However if this feeling persists for weeks at a time, then you should seek professional help immediately. However low mood and feeling does not always equate to depression. So do avoid researching depression online as a substitute for professional advice as this can leave you worried and anxious for no reason.

Only a trained professional can diagnose you and treat you if you have depression. This is because there are so many different underlying causes of depression.

There is an alarming amount of poor advice available that seems legitimate. Do not to use any self-help technique which claims to cure or treat depression directly. Do not attempt to mask your depression. This can make it harder for a professional to understand the causes of your depression and this prolongs your treatment unnecessarily. It is for this reason that Subliminal Today does not provide programming which relieves psychological or physical pain.