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Taking The Toil Out Of Exercise

Keeping fit as part of who you are

Sitting on the couch when you know you should be in the gym?

Bad weather outside and you just can’t make it happen?

The hardest part is just getting going. It’s alright by the time you’re in the gym, isn't it?

Your mind isn’t always on your side when it comes to doing something that seems unpleasant. A normal exercise routine can boost your mind, body, work and relationships.

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Some people are always up for exercise. They can keep to their regime and can do so without the angst. They enjoy exercising and keeping fit is just part of who they are.

Are you ready to admit that the difference is not physical; but psychological?

By teaching your subconscious mind that you really can find exercise truly enjoyable, getting up off the couch isn’t as awful as it may seem at first. You need that additional motivation, and the best way to do that is to make a healthy, normal exercise regime something from which you truly take a huge amount of personal joy, pride and excitement.

It might be the only time in your day where you get to remove yourself from your busy lifestyle, to be alone with your thoughts while getting a rush that powers you through the rest of your day. Enjoying exercise might feel foreign to you now, but it need not be.

Get ready to embrace a new healthier, happier and fitter life without the toil. Getting the right mind set established first is the key to overcoming years of laziness and habit to claim the body and life you really want for yourself.   It’s not so fantastical when you acknowledge that the barriers to exercise are in your mind. If you want to do it, this programme will help you get there.

Sample Suggestions

  • I feel excited about exercising
  • I feel good before I exercise
  • I feel good about exercising
  • I always have fun when I exercise
  • Exercising fills me with good energy
  • I enjoy pushing myself to exercise
  • I like getting up and exercising
  • I exercise at every opportunity I can
  • I like to break a sweat

Note: If you currently enjoy regular exercise, this programme will have no effect. It is not designed to improve physical performance.