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Achieving Financial Independence

Improve your relationship with money

Are you just awful when it comes to money?

Do you struggle to save for a rainy day?

Do you wish to be financially independent?

Money has become a symbol. Money has become associated with feelings of self-worth and value. Your entire life you have been influenced by how your family and friends think about wealth.

Whether you believe in the The Law of Attraction or not, your relationship with money influences the decisions you make about your career, saving, spending, investments, retirement and lifestyle.

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You may already know that the biggest barrier to attracting wealth and abundance into your life is the belief that you are not worthy of it and don’t deserve it.

The feeling that financial abundance is unattainable is a self-fulfilling prophecy which can lead to subtle self-sabotage and poor decision making. Equally, you cannot magically attract money to you however being open to the idea that wealth is possible, seeing opportunities, taking better decisions and destroying unhelpful beliefs does cause money to flow into your life. There is nothing magical or fantastical about this.

Your current attitudes, behaviour and the relationship you have with wealth impact decisions which determine your future bank balance.

If you have a poor relationship with money - time is running out for you.

This programme suggests new positive ideas about wealth and abundance, replace your old attitudes to money.

Financial independence means the income from your investments cover the income you receive from your job. Your path to financial independence requires that you break with the old and introduce creativity, planning and discipline. This is something that you have known all along.

Sample Suggestions

  • Attracting wealth is natural for me
  • I look forward making money
  • I deserve to be wealthy
  • It is okay to be wealthy
  • I am wise with my money
  • I make good financial decisions
  • I think clearly about money
  • My financial plans are intelligent
  • I deserve to be financially independent