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Discovering the Fountain of Youth

In the last place they thought to look

How much would it mean to you to feel young again?

The secret is nothing more than capturing an attitude. As we grow older, we may lose our youthful spirit as the years come to call.

With age, comes wisdom, accountability and the dependence of others. But if we play the role which society expects of us, we fail to live authentically. We miss out on life.

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As we age we are expected to make our outward impression sterner, colder and increasingly disengaged with life around us. This is nothing more than an accepted stereotype.

In playing the part, we forget how important it is to our well-being to have a natural sense of excitement, curiosity and wonder. Such things exhilarate and fill us with a sense of energy and the adventure of life. Society fools us into being unable to reconcile responsibility with zest for life but we all know of someone in our lives who has mastered this.

They have found their fountain of youth by challenging societal attitudes about ageing.

You see a sparkle in their eye, a hunger for new challenges and a relaxed attitude to the world.

They don’t shrug responsibilities; rather they embrace them. They live authentically and avoid losing themselves in a silly and superficial persona.

It’s not easy to reverse years of living and ideas but you can build a vibrant and dynamic energy at the deepest part of you. Imagine what it would be like to cast off the persona and begin to live the fullness of life again?

All you need to do to achieve eternal youth is to change preconceptions and attitudes which have become lodged over time, beliefs about age that were never truly yours to begin with.

This is not so fantastical when you realise that age is merely only a number and feeling young again is all in the mind.

Sample Suggestions

  • I feel young
  • I feel vibrant and energetic
  • Feeling young again is easy to do
  • I have renewed energy every day
  • I am a vibrant person
  • My body is filled with youthful energy
  • I radiate my youthful energy to everyone
  • People see me as young at heart
  • I look young.
  • I am full of energy