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Unleashing Your Guitar Skills

Fire on the fretboard

Have you hit the dreaded plateau?

Wish you could solo like your guitar hero?

Having every note and inflection at your disposal?

Unleash Your Guitar Skills is a special programme designed by Subliminal Today to take your playing to the next level without the need for years of more practice. By heightening your observation skills and tapping into the creativity of your unconscious mind, you will reach the next level.

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Unleash Your Guitar Skills is specifically designed for intermediate and advanced guitarists, who notice diminishing returns on the amount they practice. Subliminal techniques can’t directly insert the knowledge of chords and scales into your head, but they can open yourself up to learning more quickly and effectively.

You may spend hours watching your guitar hero wind through one amazing solo after another, trying your best to pick up what you can, but when your mind is primed at a deep level your ability to integrate their subtle nuances and approach becomes automatic.

Music literature refers to this as “absorbing the talent” of another. How many hours are you going to spend practising this year? How much money on tutors? Wouldn’t it be great if your mind was ready to learn as you watch and listen to your favourite musicians? It is.

Break through the plateau and unleash your unconscious mind on your fret board. It’s not so fantastical when you realise that the guitar plateau is in your mind.

Brian May once said that Eric Clapton's fingers are wired to his soul. Now how about yours?

Sample Suggestions

  • I will master the guitar
  • I am able learn new music easily
  • I process musical information efficiently
  • My fingers work quickly and easily
  • I combine musical notes as I feel them
  • I copy music easily note for note
  • My guitar playing improve every day

Note: This programme is recommended only for intermediate and advanced guitarists. Beginner guitarists will not benefit from this programme.

This programme is equally suitable for Bass Guitarists.