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The Human Lie Detector

Body Language is 90% of communication

Do you wish you could read people better?

Would you like to know each and every time you're being lied to?

Fancy becoming a real Human Lie Detector?

The average person lies 5 times a day. The ability to detect the lies of others is a valuable talent both in business and in your social life. Detecting deception however is an innate and subconscious ability you already have and with the right help, you can hone it like you would any other.

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Lie detection machines monitor heart rate, respiration, and perspiration to detect whether one is telling the truth or not. It can do this by comparing the readings during questioning against an individual’s base line measure.

This machine however must rely on a few readings and a fixed algorithm, so it is typically unreliable. Trained interrogators take lie detection to the next level by studying body language, eye movements and voice tonality.

Psychologists refer to these signs of lying as "leakages".

When we are conscious that we are telling a lie, we will exhibit tells; a subtle change in our demeanour, behaviour, words or voice which reflect even the smallest psychological discomfort or conflict. Our words, tones message and body language fail to align.

Leakages are often difficult to detect and so fleeting that you will frequently miss them. They are the subtle changes in tone of voice, eye and body language which reveal flashes of anxiety.

We may go through the day telling white lies without ill intent, perhaps as a matter of pleasant social discourse. Here, there is no anxiety involved and so these lies are meaningless and ignored by all. But when we attempt to conceal lies, lies which have even the slightest of significance to others, even without malicious intent, our anxiety leaks out no matter how hard we may try.

Those who are very good at reading and concealing their own lies are on the World Poker Tour. But most of us can't conceal a lie. In fact, they are plain to see to the casual observer. It is a part of what it means to be a socialised human.   

If you are not in the professional business of truth finding; constant vigilance may leave you quite tired, paranoid and prone to misinterpretation. Increased and overt attention alters our own body language and then that of others. If are always out on lookout for deception, people will not be at ease with you and more likely to dislike you and lie to you.

Your lie detection skills must remain something you do on a subconscious level - it is just one of your abilities which works well on autopilot. To some extent, you do it already. This is because the subconscious mind sees and hears all. It is able to interpret the minutia of behaviour and perform multifaceted body language analyses within situational context. - and more accurately than any lie detection software.

Lie detection is a normal innate skill. In the past, you may have experienced a strong feeling someone was not telling the truth, but had no conscious reason to doubt them. This is because your subconscious lie detector picked up a tell but the alarm bell didn't sound loud enough. With this subliminal programme, you are suggesting to your subconscious mind that lie detection is a useful skill to have, that you are interested in strengthening it and want to open up a channel to listening to it.

You already have everything it takes to be a Human Lie Detector. You just have to turn it up and listen.

Sample Suggestions

  • Lies are transparent to me
  • I can sense truthfulness
  • My ability to read other people grows every day
  • I notice minute details about other people
  • I am sensitive to changes in body language
  • I notice body language
  • I can sense truthfulness
  • I can read people easily
  • I notice subtle changes in other people’s behaviour
  • I can tell when people are bluffing
  • I can tell when people lie
  • I am a human lie detector

Note: Emotional arousal which leads to tells decreases the more adept an individual is. If the individual has been telling the same lie for many years, this individual will partly believe the lie, may sometimes have a memory of it being true, and does not feel under pressure. You will pick up on this unconsciously, because the tell is not there anymore.