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Accessing Your Photographic Memory

Switch on your internal camera

Imagine you were told as a child that you had a photographic memory?

When you focus your attention, your subconscious mind remembers everything you have ever seen, felt or heard. It interprets and encodes your perceptions like a rolling picture of your life. This happens naturally so you don’t need a subliminal programme to unlock this ability.

However recalling what you have memorised is the real challenge.

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Photographic memory is wrapped up in belief.

Your inability to recall detailed information easily is a deeply held belief which prevents you from accessing your photographic memory. That is why children, who are told they have a good memory, will often have photographic memory skills later in life.

Failing to remember details of one thing creates the perception that remembering the next piece of information is more difficult. It builds and builds. Anxiety increases and your recall is severely impeded. Over the years, something so natural becomes seemingly impossible.

If the belief is challenged, the skills reasserts itself.

Accessing the power of your photographic memory means finding your memories intact, sharp and clear. You are assured, and you feel in control as your powerful photographic memory impacts every part of your life. You remember people, facts, figures and the little details everyone misses. Those around you will regard you are a remarkable person with a special mind and your career will take to new heights.

Sample Suggestions

  • I can recall information easily
  • I surprise others with my memory
  • I remember the past clearly
  • I absorb information quickly
  • I absorb facts and figures instantaneously
  • I have a photographic memory
  • My photographic memory is effortless
  • I have an amazing capacity to remember everything