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Powering Up Positive Thinking

Power up your entire life

Are you stuck in negative trains of thought?

Is your negative outlook holding you back?

No matter how you look at it, people who think positively are more successful, motivated and live richer lives as their reward. Positive thinkers will always be stronger, more resilient and happy.

A positive mind-set is the most valuable asset anyone can have.

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You are assaulted with negative messages your entire day. Your subconscious has been taught to think pessimistically.

Thinking optimistically is a skill.

Negative thoughts are learned habits and many get stuck within this habit and a circle of negativity ensues against their will. It is easy for the brain to become addicted to the chemicals which are released by negative and depressing thought patterns.

This is why switching to a permanent positive outlook can be one of the hardest things to achieve.

But it is also the most rewarding.

Quite simply, a positive attitude feels good. We expect positive things to happen and focus on the best in any situation. Because we behave differently, our positive attitude is contagious. Others want to be around us and emulate our success. We find ourselves surrounded by positive people who lift us up. Our health improves. Our bank balance rockets up.

Positive thinkers are automatically on the road to a success, fulfilment and happiness. Fact.

Whether you believe that:

  • Positive thinking is a direct psychological link to happiness,  or
  • People automatically respond better to positive people, or
  • Higher expectations change one's approach, or
  • Positive expectations change your metaphysical reality

....no one can deny the great impact positive thinking has in everyday life.

When suggesting to your subconscious mind that you are indeed, a positive person, the subconscious has no choice but to fulfil that belief. In doing so, you cut out the negative thought patterns which have been holding you back, and release the personal power of positive thinking in yourself and others, everywhere you go and in everything you want to achieve.

Sample Suggestions

  • I am always a positive person
  • I bring positive energy with me
  • I have unlock the power of positive thinking
  • I have unlocked the power of positive thinking
  • I am optimistic
  • I believe in myself
  • I believe my future will be positive
  • I am an optimist