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Switching On Sex Appeal

Working on your most important sex organ

Home fires not burning like they once did?

Do you allow feeling self-conscious to ruin your sex life?

Would you like to feel and be more attractive?

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A healthy physical relationship is the least important thing in a relationship when it's there and the most important thing in a relationship when it's not.

Many couples go through stages in their relationships of dwindling libido. This often occurs a year or two into romantic relationships, once ego boundaries begin to reform and pheromones settle. At a subconscious level, you begin to see your partner as a real individual, revealing their good and bad qualities. 

You may deeply love your partner, but for most intense passion does subside. It makes late night antics a little less important, especially when you're tired or under stress. Igniting the flames can feel almost impossible, even if there is nothing wrong with other aspects of the relationship. This does not mean the relationship is over and many couples find ways to stay interesting and interested.

Being in a loving, permanent relationship can also bring deeper insecurities to the surface, which can often manifest in needless arguments. Resentfulness, self-consciousness and a sense of being unappreciated are common.

There are many effective and perhaps not so effective products out there for you to try. We know that the passion which may have once been present resides deeper than any panacea which could be purchased from a catalogue. Besides for humour and diversion, these are superficial.

Physical attraction becomes less important as a relationship grows. It is only skin deep. Sex appeal is all encompassing and a far greater determinant of long lasting physical attraction.

This programme inspires confidence, esteem and appeal in the bedroom.

Sample Suggestions

  • I have sex appeal
  • I am an attractive individual
  • I am the full package
  • I feel good about myself.
  • I enjoy feeling good about myself.
  • People are attracted to me.
  • I am sexy.
  • I am very charming.
  • I radiate sensuality
  • I am desirable
  • I feel desirable
  • I have a magnetic quality

Note: This programme is not aimed at the sexual seduction of strangers.