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Simply Stop Smoking

It's easier, because you think

You've tried everything?

Nothing seems to work? The patches didn't. Vaping didn't.

Deep inside, are you really willing to give up?

Smoking is a habit. It's a self-sabotaging habit, that trying to change is equally scuppered by self-sabotage. Parts of yourself are at odds and working against each other.

If they are unconscious - they are hidden from you. You don't understand why you can't just quit and are left extremely frustrated! It's time to approach the problem differently - and at a much deeper and more profound level.

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Subliminal messaging works well when it takes on a behaviour indirectly. So suggesting to you that it’s a good idea to be a non-smoker runs the very real risk that your mind will hear “I am a smoker”. The habit is reinforced by poor NLP: The concept of non-smoker is defined in terms of being a smoker. This is a great example of language that your subconscious mind cannot interpret directly.

Rather, the Simply Stop Smoking programme encourages healthy living, the value of clean air and the feelings you truly desire for yourself.

So many have kicked the habit by understanding this; it is a fundamental shift of perspective.

Instead of fighting what you don't want for yourself - focus on what you want, and incredible changes and rewards you already know you will surely receive.

Try Simply Stop Smoking and if you haven’t cut down or quit after three months, you can have your money back. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It sounds too good to be true, but the truth is that it really isn’t. We know as well you as you do that the secret to quitting lies within your mind and not in chemicals.

Sample Suggestions

  • I choose healthy living now
  • I always resist my cravings
  • I can always resist my cravings
  • I am strong to resist all cravings
  • I have kicked the habit
  • I have incredible willpower
  • My cravings decrease every day
  • I choose to stop smoking