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Developing Speed Reading

Text is everywhere

What would you do with your life if you could speed read?

What would it mean to you if speed reading came naturally to you?

If you read the way you were taught to read, you read one word at a time, possibly still sounding out the words phonetically.

It is no wonder then that you read slowly, even though your brain is capable of so much more.

So much of your day is spent reading.

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Speed reading means comprehending what is on the page or screen without having to actively process every word. Speed reading works passively by letting your brain fill in the gaps, and this is an easy thing to do because your eyes are the camera of your mind. The power of your subconscious mind stands by to receive the messages which make speed reading possible.

You will use this skill everywhere you go and it will allow you to learn more in your life time.It’s a small investment of your time with exponential returns in your day to day life and career. It’s not so fantastical when you acknowledge that the speed of your reading is all in your mind.

Sample Suggestions

  • I read quickly
  • My speed reading improves all the time
  • I read quicker and quicker
  • I remember everything I read
  • I read blocks of text in an instant
  • I can process text like a computer
  • My memory improves every day
  • I recall everything I have read easily
  • My mind is able to absorb information easily
  • I can speed read