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Releasing Stress

A diamond is coal made good under pressure - Henry Kissinger

How do you deal with stress?

What happens to you when you feel overwhelmed in stressful situations?

The demands of life can cause stress and your stress levels affect everything you do. Too much stress can lead to a whole host of pathology including depression, anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure and stomach ulcers.

Become aware of the signs of high stress, acknowledge it and decide to do something about it.

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Different people have different ideas of what is stressful, and you will have different areas of your life which you find less stressful than others, regardless of the pressures that exerted upon you. The truth is that stress is as you experience it. It comes from you and not your environment.

Stress is a result of perceptions. What you believe is stressful causes stress.

They key therefore to releasing stress is about changing perceptions and then installing attitudes which support you to cope with demanding situations positively.

Without changing this, your belief that your life is stress free will be challenged and thwarted immediately. So this programme does not use suggestions about “freeing yourself from stress” or “living a stress free life.”

In truth, healthy levels of stress form an important part of a healthy constitution, a happy and rewarding life. Psychologists associate stress with a ‘bell curve’. Too much stress and you cease to function well, but too little stress you are not motivated to get off the couch, stop feeling ambition and suffer from lethargy.

By targeting the reactions you have when you perceive stress, you can reduce the undesirable, negative consequences of being unable to cope with stress. As the days go by you will find your life easier, you will be less pensive, less anxious, and when stressful situations arrive you will be filled with a deep sense wellbeing and strength.

Sample Suggestions

  • I cope with pressure well
  • I handle stressful situations effortlessly
  • I react well to stress
  • I am remain positive in stressful situations
  • I think clearly in stressful situations
  • I am rational and calm in stressful situations
  • I manage stress well
  • I am good at managing my stress
  • I can relax quickly and easily