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Creating Time

Turn on your time machine!

Do you find the time to get everything done? Are there never enough hours in your day? Do you lose out on quality time with loved ones? Wondering how others manage?

Then reclaim precious moments with a new state of mind. Time management skills will help you get organised but even if you know what to do, it may seem impossible to stick to plan.

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Wouldn't you like to use your time more wisely and selectively? This is especially the case when you look back on your day and wonder where the time went, and wishing you had spent the time you had more constructively. Sometimes you need to re-equip your mind to handle the constant pressure for your time.

This programme is designed to give you back a sense of control so that you can start making calm, collected and clever decisions. >Let’s start here: What is important to you?

Sample Suggestions

  • I manage my time effectively
  • I prioritise my time easily
  • I have clear priorities
  • I am efficient
  • I am focused
  • I am disciplined with my time
  • I spent my time wisely
  • I respect my time
  • I achieve a lot in a day