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Losing Weight Naturally

Change your relationship with food

So you've tried all the diets?

You've had some success but it didn't last?

You're frustrated and feel something is wrong.

Diets don't work. They just gradually peter out until you realise you aren't even on the diet anymore. There are long term results. If they worked, there wouldn't be a whole industry ready to sell them to you. This is because dieting places strains on your body which are eventually counteracted as it adapts to survive the calorie scarcity.

Sooner or later you binge.

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The more you diet, the more hard it is for the next diet to work. Messing with your metabolism, messes up your metabolism. If the entire history of the human race were measured on 24 hour clock, we've started eating carbohydrates in the last 5 mins and sugars in the last 5 seconds. You cut out sugar, but take in more carbohydrates because that turns into glucose anyway.

Your body and mind is built to ensure you don't lose weight.

Your brain is wired up for scarcity - feast and famine.

Perhaps it's time to be smart about it - and realise that your brain isn't quite on your side. At least not all of it is. You may wish to lose weight but unconscious drives are extremely powerful and will always win. Every single time.

Perhaps you should decide what your unconscious drive should be?

Using subliminal messaging is the intelligent and easy way to eat more wisely and consistently. This programme will help you boost your metabolism as you will be gradually drawn to healthier alternatives to find and maintain your ideal weight. You will be suggesting to your subconscious mind that you are able to keep to normal healthy foods - your behaviour will slowly change to suit accordingly.

When your mind is on your side, you can reverse years of poor decisions, learned cravings and your emotional eating habits. You might be hesitant to start this programme for no one wants to miss out on their favourite sugary and starchy foods but not to worry – you’ll just want to enjoy them in moderation.

It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not that fantastical when you acknowledge that it is all in your mind.

Sample Suggestions

  • I lose weight naturally
  • I enjoy losing weight naturally
  • I seek out healthy food to eat
  • I choose healthy foods
  • I chose natural foods
  • I have a healthy diet
  • I enjoy healthy nourishing foods
  • I am able to keep to my diet
  • I only eat what I need to be healthy
  • I lose weight easily